Will You Need HVAC Repairs?

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) basically includes everything associated with the air conditioning system. This ranges from the duct system to the air handler and the condensing unit. All the components of the HVAC system need to be properly maintained. A failure to do this will lead to really costly HVAC repairs. The great news is that there are various different ways in which the system can be kept running smoothly.

The bad news is most people have no idea when to call the specialists. Toronto HVAC technicians should normally be called when you live in Toronto and the same can be said about all cities of the world. However, you do not always need to contact them. For instance, you can maintain the system as the homeowner when referring to some items:Image result for Will You Need HVAC Repairs?

  • Check the air filter

This is really easy and highly important. In many cases the filters have to be replaced once per month. There are cases in which this is necessary even more often, especially when pets are in the home.

  • Maintain drain line

You can easily notice if this is the case when you see the PVC pipe that is normally white and that gets out of the indoor unit towards the outside. It is necessary to drain condensation from evaporator coils. As time passes, these drain lines will be clogged with micro-particles mixing with waters. You end up with a grayish slime that are going to clog lines and will cause problems for basically the entire system.

In some cases you can temporarily clear your line by using various possible methods but it is crucial you contact a professional to be sure the job is properly done for the long run. Water flow should never be restricted. Always know where the drain line is and if there are problems you notice, contact the technician.

Remember that some people say that you can clean the drain lines with the use of water and bleach. This is not actually the case. That just offers a really simple temporary surface that will make slime not stick. However, the method will not be fully appropriate. High pressure nitrogen purging is basically the only way in which you can be sure the pipe is properly cleaned.

  • Feel The Blown Air

This is definitely a highly obvious sign that the AC unit needs some help from a professional. See if the air is cold enough. If that is not the case, you are faced with a problem you will have difficulty in identifying. The HVAC system is always made out of various parts. They have to all work properly so that desired temperature can be maintained. When you have doubts about the proper running of the system, you want to contact specialists.

There are also some less obvious problems that the certified repair technician is needed:

  • Refrigerant leaks – units slowly stop cooling the air properly.
  • Clogged ducts – airflow is drastically restricted

Always often look at the HVAC system. When you notice some problems, investigate! Identifying problems before they become serious is something you should always focus on.

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