Why you dont need to worry about hygiene with a hot tub

The popularity of hot tubs in the UK shows no sign of slowing down, as more and more people are starting to recognise their boundless benefits. Along with improving your health and well-being, hot tubs can be used to entertain at parties, have year-round family fun, and rekindle relationships with loved ones.

In spite of these extensive advantages, some people still have their reservations about hot tubs. In the past, doubts were raised over the cost of running a hot tub, but these have now been addressed by ultra-efficient circulation pumps and multiple layers of insulation.

However,unease about hygiene remains for many. But as UK hot tub distributor HotSpring World explains, there really is no cause for concern. As long as they are properly cleaned and correctly maintained, hot tubs pose no threat to the health and safety of bathers. Furthermore, the in-built filtration systems of modern-day hot tubs are constantly working hard to get rid of any harmful substances.

Potential hot tub health risks

Seeing as germs thrive in wet and warm places, they are attracted to the appealing environment of a hot tub. Therefore, bathers may experience a condition known as hot tub rash, caused by the bacterium pseudomonas aeruginosa. But this is only a problem if the hot tub isn’t sanitised properly or if disinfectant levels are not high enough.

Legionnaire’s disease, which is a severe type of pneumonia transmitted by inhaling bacteria-laden water droplets, can also be a potential health risk with hot tubs, especially for senior citizens, smokers, and people with weak immune systems. Again, this condition can come about from using a hot tub that was not cleaned or disinfected enough.

Minor health risks relating to hot tub use such as skin and eye irritation can be traced back to body oils, lotions, deodorants, and cosmetics brought into the water by bathers, which is easily avoided.

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Avoiding the health risks of hot tubs

Before agonising over thesehygiene concerns, it is important to note that well-maintained hot tubs do not pose a health risk to their owners. The filtration systems of modern-day hot tubs will get rid of any dirt and debris, while sanitiser chemicals will protect bathers against germs and bacteria.

However, owners should test the water of their hot tub every week in order to find out whether chemical levels of chlorine or bromine are within the appropriate rangeaccording tomanufacturerguidelines. Visual inspections can also help determine whether a hot tub is clean or not. A calcium build-up along the water line and a strong smell of chemicals are things to be wary of.

It makes sense to shower before getting into a hot tub too. This will remove irritants like deodorants and cosmetics from the body as well as any unpleasant and harmful residue that your skin might have collected throughout the day. Showering means that sanitiser chemicals won’t have to work as hard either.

If you follow these simple rules regarding keeping your spa clean then you and your family should stay nice and health year round if you do want to use your tub.

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