Why People Are Unfollowing Your Instagram Account

While everyone else might be growing their follower count, some business owners might find themselves in the unfortunate situation of losing theirs faster than they can imagine. Sometimes, even the cleverest techniques like an account on  might not be too helpful. Tools can tell who unfollowed, but will likely not indicate why, at least not clearly enough. If one is in such a scenario, wondering what changed, then they might want to consider looking at their content and checking against the following list;

Lack of engagement

At the end of the day, Instagram is a social channel, and a lack of engagement is one of the key reasons why people will unfollow. Instagram, and social media in general, are meant to allow users to take part in the content sharing process, much like the way a community would engage with, say, its leaders. When there is no engagement, the people who found the account interesting start feeling like they are not valued enough. There are several ways through which one can ensure their followers are engaged. Reply to the comments they post, like, share or repost pictures from people who follow the account, or tag people. A simple acknowledgment goes a long way.

Emotional posts

Connect with the follower’s emotions but avoid posts that are overly emotional. Everyone should get to choose what goes on to their account, but nobody wants to always read about how gloomy one always is every time they post a photo. Avoid making them sound like a dairy, and keep them fresh and varied. Also, do not post anything that seems like the account is fishing for compliments. Do not leave the followers feeling like they have to compliment the photos, as this will only make them feel trapped and manipulated.

Number of posts

For many, the rule of thumb is a post a day. Others go too far with the posting though, giving their followers too much to handle. Many accounts are set up to target a particular niche, could be travel, sales, food or fashion. Keep the posts coming at an okay pace so as not to overwhelm the user.  As much as sharing the human aspect of the business is important, do not get too carried away showing the different selfie angles. Some might find this amusing, but the majority will likely translate this as obnoxious and borderline narcissistic.

Poor quality

It goes without saying that a poor quality of photos and videos is a huge turnoff. Photos and videos could be because of low pixel count, camera angle, lighting or quality. Quality can affect the message. For instance, in food related posts, low quality posts might have the food feeling delectable. Accounts that promote certain products might fail to provide all the details for the potential customer. Posting gross or explicit photos could also push followers towards the unfollow button.

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