What Are the Pros and Cons of Bi-Fold Doors

Are you deciding on the installation of aluminiumbifold doors? Need to know whether it’s a good investment? The installation of a bi-fold door can provide a great deal of advantages to any home. However, with advantages, there are a few disadvantages, so is it the right choice for you? If you’re unsure, the following is a guide on the pros and cons of aluminium bifold doors to give you more insight into these types of doors.

Bi-Fold Door Pros and Cons

Pros OfBifold Doors

  • Aperture – Bi-fold doors have the ability to open up 90% of the aperture they sit in. This is ideal for those who want more open space.
  • Blending Spaces Evenly – Another great thing about aluminium bifold doors is the fact they can easily blend both your inside and outside spaces together easier. This is perfect for those who love to create an open and even space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Easy Access –One more advantage of installing a bi-fold door is they have the ability to provide simple and easy access to outdoor areas with ease. This means once open you can easily slip outside to your desired area without having to navigate the house to walk through the front door.
  • Flexible Opening – Another great thing about bi-fold doors is the fact they offer flexible opening and closing options which can be done from both inside and outside if needed. This allows you to close the doors when outdoors to stop pesky bugs from flying in.

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Cons Of Bifold Doors

  • Clean Area On Both Side – One of the first disadvantages of aluminium bi-fold doors is you need to make sure that both sides of the door opening is clear all the time to help the door open and close without any problems.
  • View Obstruction – Depending on the design, some bi-fold doors tend to obstruct the view with the joins that connect the doors. This can be a downfall if you want an even view at all times.
  • Climate Changes – Depending on where you live, you may find that your bi-folds won’t get used as often as you like as some areas tend to be colder than others. This is a problem if you’re looking to keep them open most of the time.
  • Intrude – Upon opening you may find that sometimes the doors may intrude on your living space. However, unless you have a sliding door, most doors will do this anyway so it may not be as big of an issue as some may believe.


Aluminium bi-fold doors can provide a great door option for any home or business looking to create additional space between areas. Whether you’re looking to entertain or to just create a more spacious home, bi-fold doors are the best option for your needs. Remember to always buy from a respected manufacturer to ensure you’re always buying a quality product. So have you decided whether to install bi-folds into your home? What was your main reason for installing them?

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