Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Central Air Unit

A slow running or improper functioning air conditioning unit can be a real pain to deal with. Most of us go about our everyday lives neglecting our homes air conditioning unit until the state of its condition becomes so apparent that it begins to affect our comfort level. There are some good AC repair Scripps Ranch contractors that will come out and perform maintenance on your central air unit for very reasonable prices. If you’ve been experiencing AC problems for quite some time now it is very likely that you are suffering from issues related to a faulty installation.

It is not uncommon for you to experience issues with your heating/cooling system due to a bad install job as it is quite common among new AC companies or novice install techs just learning their job. Whenever you experience problems with your Air Conditioning make sure you call a certified professional in the Scripps Ranch area to avoid any unnecessary operating malfunctions due to improper installation of your air conditioning unit.


Regularly changing the coolant in your air conditioning unit can greatly reduce the chances of system performance declining. Over time debris and small particles can get caught in your central air units’ coolant reservoir which can lead to problems associated with poor heating/cooling function. Keeping a steady level of clean coolant fluid for your AC to run on is just one simple way you can maximize the effectiveness of your unit without having to spend too much money.

Running other large appliances while your central air conditioning unit is in operation can dramatically slow down the speed of your system. While in some instances you can’t help but to run multiple large appliances simultaneously, it is recommended that you monitor your use across all active power outlets to avoid shortages or damages to your cooling system. Being that most homes have integrated electric systems unbalanced energy consumption can cause some built-in safety hatches to be released resulting in restricted energy use.

Keeping your air ducts clean and free of debris is probably one of the most sure fire ways you can optimize the efficiency of your homes central air conditioning system. Dirty air ducts cause restriction of the incoming air flow or in some instances the air duct is left completely open making it vulnerable to intrusion by pollutants and unwanted toxins. In either scenario the air ducts are your main source for air flow into your home so regardless of the situation you need to maintain the quality of your ducts if you want to get the most out of your air conditioning Mira Mesa unit

These are the simplest ways you can improve the quality of air and overall performance of your cooling/heating unit without contacting a professional. The goal of performing these preventative steps is to avoid having to make a call to a professional at all and if you follow up with the procedures on a constant basis, that shouldn’t be an issue!

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