Using Polished Cobbles in Your Garden

Cobbles, gravels and pebbles have been used for landscaping in a number of ways, and most of us have come across homes, parks and gardens that boast of incredible designs. However, when it comes to designing one’s own personal garden, there are always a few essential concerns. Amidst all the choices, cobbles have emerged to be among the most preferred choices. In this post, we will try to uncover a few ideas, add a few suggestions along with budget tips, so that you can start sans confusions.

Understanding different between cobbles and gravel

Gravel is basically crushed rock, and although it serves the same purpose as gravel, it isn’t as appealing with regards to visual impact and aesthetics. On the other hand, cobbles are collected from river banks and eventually rounded and smoothened for that polished effect through a tedious process. The beauty of cobbles lies in their smooth and round shapes.


Quick step guide

  • Start by identifying how you are going to use landscaping ideas for the garden. If you have the budget, you can always consult with a landscape artist, although it is pretty much possible to actually do things on your own with a little planning.
  • To create the perfect plan, you have to decide on how you are going to use cobbles. Ideally, cobles are used extensively used around water features, for pavements and covering the empty spaces around a garden, but with a concrete plan, you can make more definitive moves without wasting resources.
  • Buying pebbles can be tricky, but you can find a number of sellers online. Pebbles usually come in five shades – off white, black, red, yellow and mix colored. Black cobbles are very popular for their beauty and effectiveness for a number of garden and landscaping objectives.
  • It is possible to mix and match a few colors to create a better impact, especially if you intend to make pavers or use pebbles for a number of areas, potted plants and water features. However, do not go overboard as minimalism works wonders.

Where to use cobbles?

Cobbles can be used for creating pavers, if you want to avoid other choices, or else, you can simply choose to add cobbles between two paved paths, so as to add more texture and color. Cobbles can also be used for adding more visual elements to outdoor furniture. Some homeowner also use pebbles on the surface of potted plants, just for the sake of extra decoration. Cobbles can be used for adding a border around water features, while many people prefer using them beneath the water of fountains, for that incredible splashing effect. Also if you have water plants in a feature, adding cobbles only helps in creating an anchorage. Of course, you can use pebbles and cobbles for any kind of other aesthetic idea that may strike your aesthetic mind!

With these ideas, you can pretty much start without any professional help. Check a few of the online sites to find the best color and size options.

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