Use professional services for commercial security

All the companies need high security and advanced features for protection from intruders. The locks in the companies should be hi tech and in proper working condition. The Burbank people are very much concerned for their company’s security. They can choose among the several cheap local locksmiths in Burbank California who offer their commercial security services to the people. The locksmith provides their services for lock installation, lock repairing, safe repairing and installation, master key system, CCTV cameras and help during lockouts.

Types of gate locks


Different types of locks that can be put on the gate are as follows:

Thumb latches: Thumb latches are the two way latches. It has a decorative handle on the outside of the gate with a thumb shaped latch. When it is pressed an arm is lifted on the inside of the gate and the gate is unlatched. When the latch is released the level lowers down and the gate is fastened securely. The latch arm has a small knob to open it from inside and some of the latches also have locking pins which are operated from inside for security.

Ring latches: It is also a two sided lock which can be operated from both the sides of the gate. On the street side there is a plate with a ring attached to it. There is a plate with a ring on the inside also but here the ring is attached to the latch arm. Turning the ring from any side will open the gate. Ring latch can be installed on both in swinging and out swinging gates.

Rim lock:  It contains the lock and the latch in one box and is mounted on the surface of gate. Lock has a keyhole which pushes the latch to the notch when the key is moved in that. The door cannot be opened unless the key is used.

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