Tulsa Oklahoma – One Hot Real Estate Market

When you think about hot real estate markets, you may think of Houston or Miami. I’m pretty sure not many people would think of Tulsa Oklahoma as one of the top real estate markets in the United States, but it is true.

Why does Tulsa and its suburbs constantly end up in the top lists of places to live and work? Because of its diversity in jobs. While it may be best known for it’s oil and gas production companies, Tulsa is also a host to many jobs in the high tech sector. Google for instance has a center less than 30 minutes away. The aerospace industry has several manufacturing facilities and headquarters located in Tulsa as well.

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Not only that, but home prices are below the national average. When a couple from California or some place back east like New York can buy a home twice as large as they were living in back home for less than half the price in Tulsa, it’s a no brainer where they will be living

Donald Lawson of 1 A Home Inspections says he has many clients from around the country that are surprised that they can buy a high quality home with more square footage than the could back where they came from.

Donald attributes much of the lower cost of real estate in Tulsa do to the low cost of living this area affords. Gas is around $2 or less as of this writing, utility rates are some of the lowest in the country and the area has a tremendous amount of entertainment opportunities from museums to the areas huge amount of lakes and rivers.

Tulsa also has many travel routes to get the goods delivered in a variety of ways. From several major Interstates that crisscross through Tulsa to the Port of Catoosa where goods are delivered or exported via barge. All the way down to New Orleans if need be.

Not only that, but to add to the allure, Tulsa was selected as the place to build The Gathering. A one of a kind park like none other in the U.S. This park will greatly add to the draw for families looking for a good, safe place to live and work.

The Tulsa real estate market is also a great place to enjoy the outdoors. It’s said that Oklahoma has more shorelines than the Gulf Coast and Minnesota! The area abounds with lakes and rivers. Not to mention great places to hike and mountain bike!

Having looked at all of these opportunities, is it any wonder now why the Tulsa real estate market is so hot?

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