Top Tips To Remember When Choosing A Bi-Fold Door

Are you looking to install bi-folding doors within your home? Need to choose the right one? When it comes to selecting the right aluminium bi folding doors for your home, it’s important to consider everything so you can make an informed decision. When purchasing your doors off a respected bi-fold door supplier, it’s important to know that you’re going to buy so you can be pleased with the end result. The following is a guide to the top tips to remember when it comes to choosing a bi-fold door for your application.

Do’s Of Bi-Fold Door Buying

  1. View The Door – Before purchasing your bi-folding door it’s always best to view it where possible. Aluminium bi-fold doors vary dramatically in cost and in the quality that’s on offer. The price also changes with the space size the doors need to cover. The last thing that you need is to be disappointed with the end result. That’s why wherever possible try to view the doors from your local bi-folding door supplier first.
  2. Weather Guarantees – For bi-folding doors that’ll be exposed to outdoor weather changes, it’s important to see whether your supplier offer weather guarantees on the doors. Some bi-fold doors aren’t made for outdoor exposure, so it’s vital to check the weather guarantees and rating. If you know the doors will be exposed to direct weather changes, such as wind or rain, it’s important to make sure the materials used will last.
  3. Get An Insurance Backed Guaranteed – Where possible try to get an insurance backed guarantee. This means if the company goes out of business, your warranty or guarantee will be covered by insurance. Generally, most insurance backed guarantees last up to 10 years and shouldn’t cost you any additional money.
  4. Pass Building Regulations – In some homes, like heritage homes, it’s important to understand the building regulations which are associated with these types of homes. Some building regulations may restrict the installation of certain doors including bi-folds so it’s always best to check with your local builder first before installing.
  5. Get Company Reviews – Last, but not least, see whether the company your buying your aluminium bi folding doors from has good reviews against their name. A reputable company generally features plenty of positive reviews. This way you know, you’ll receive a great product.


Don’t Of Bi-Fold Door Buying

  • Price – When buying don’t rely solely on the price. Many people buy the cheapest bi-fold doors and products only to find that the doors are cheaply made. Remember you get what you pay for. If you want quality doors, you’ll have to pay for them.
  • Payment – When having your doors professionally installed don’t pay for the job until it’s complete. Although most reputable companies will honour their installation service, you don’t want to get burnt.


When looking to purchase your bi-fold doors, it’s important to consider everything so you can make the best decision for your home and budget. By taking these tips into consideration you can easily create the home you’ve always wanted. Have you found the bi-folding doors that will suit your home?

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