Tips to Help Sell Your House

If you’ve been planning a move for some time, and have found the perfect new dwelling, then all that is left is to sell the current property, and the move can happen. Things don’t always go according to plan, and quite often, with such a large number of houses on the market, our home is overlooked, time and time again, holding everything up.  If the need is pressing, and no one is calling, here are some ideas to help you sell your home.

A new driveway

Without a doubt, a new drive is the most cost-effective way to raise a prospective buyer’s eyebrows, and with a range of modern finishes, concrete has to be the way to go. Stencilled and aggregate concrete can transform the home, and might well persuade the next caller to say yes. One great idea is to have the driveway done in a pavement effect, which looks stunning, if done properly. If you need a quick sale, and are looking for PavementFX concrete pavements in Melbourne, there are suppliers who can assist you in every aspect of concrete work.

Pathways and patios

These should be done at the same time as the drive, for optimum results, and a wide range of textures and colours ensures the home will be enhanced, and a buyer can be quickly found. The company that does the new drive will be able to suggest several design ideas to complement the home, and persuade the next visitor to take the plunge and buy.


Adding value

One can increase the sale price with a new driveway, and should you wish to drop the price a little to ensure a quick sale, it was still a worthwhile investment to have it done, as you can now relocate.

Give the garden an overhaul

First impressions count, and if people have been making appointments to view, but haven’t turned up, it might be because the garden looks shabby. Spend a little, and call in a landscape gardener, explaining that you wish to make the garden look nice, with a view to a sale, and they will give you a cost-effective garden facelift.

Increase the exposure

Most people will contact a real estate company to help sell the property, and while that is fine, there are other ways that offer a far wider exposure. There are many online property websites, where you can freely advertise your property, and by using more than one, you will increase the exposure.

Bargain with furniture

If you are negotiating with a prospective buyer, and you notice they like the three-piece suite, you could always offer the leave that behind, and sometimes these little things can just tip the balance. It could be other things like domestic appliances, which are very costly, and if one can afford to replace them, it might be an idea to include them in the sale price, as an added incentive to make a decision.


Selling the family home doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would like, and by sprucing up a few areas, it is hoped you will soon be able to set your moving date.

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