Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Summers in India, especially in the northern part, can become quite hot and almost unbearable at times. When it strikes, people often turn towards Air conditioners to beat the heat. While they can surely help, they do pose a few problems. You can’t carry them around with you when you step out and running ACs 24 hours a day can cost you dearly. Thus, you need to look at smarter ways to beat the heat apart from ACs which would not only cost you less but are also effective throughout the day.

Beat the Dry Air

It is the dry hot air that can be quite tough to bear. It dehydrates you instantly and can even pose some serious health problems. If you are looking for an alternative for costly air conditioners then a good and affordable option is to run coolersIt not only cools the room but also helps in maintaining the right amount of moisture. Make sure you run the coolers during the day when the air is hot and dry and in the evenings and night.


Drink, Drink and Drink

While your body needs 3-4 liters of water every day, during summer it becomes even more essential. Make it a habit of drinking water before you move out even if it is for a short while. Most importantly, include a few drinks in your daily diet. Buttermilk, coconut water, lemonade, Aam Panna, etc., are few drinks that can work wonders in keeping your body temperature at controlled levels. Besides, the high salt content in these drinks makes sure that the body’s water retention capacity is increased. Sodium levels in the body can go down in the summer months leading to dehydration and fatigue.

Keep ORS handy

Always keep a few pouches of ORS at home, in your office, and even in your purse to make sure you are ready to beat the heat whenever it strikes. In times of emergencies, ORS has the right amount of salts and sugar to replenish your body quickly. While it is important to keep it handy, try not to be too dependent on these drinks either. They can also shoot up your diabetic levels if taken continuously. Keep them for emergency uses only.

Diet Changes

While Indian spices and curries can scintillate your taste buds, they also can have adverse effects on your health. Most Indian spices are hot and can dehydrate your body quite fast. Thus, make sure you eat less of spices and include vegetables in your diet like Gourd which is known to keep body cool during summers. Eat watermelons and mash melons during the day. They contain a high amount of water and can bring down the heat in your body instantly.

Summers can be quite hot. When the temperature soars high, use these simple tips to make sure you are not relying only on your AC to beat the heat. While they can surely help, these tips will make sure you feel cool from inside.

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