The Right Cooling Tunnel for Your Foods

Many different types of foods are made in factories and processed by large machines. Yes, this does make things a lot easier, but there are also several factors that need to be considered before engaging in the operation of food processing. One of the most important factors to be considered is that food cannot be warm for too long, or it will spoil and go bad. To ensure that food is always cooled down in a timely manner and made ready for sale, the best thing is to invest in an efficient and reliable cooling tunnel.

Cooling Tunnel Foods

What Is a Cooling Tunnel?

A cooling tunnel is a simply a long tube that food passes through in order to be cooled down quickly and effectively, something that is vital to keeping food from spoiling. So why should you invest in a great, new, state of the art cooling tunnel?

Help Improve Shelf Life

One of the reasons adequate cooling tubes are very important when it comes to food processing of all kinds is because they help improve the shelf life of all foods drastically. Bacteria multiply best in warm conditions, and the longer a certain food product is warm, the faster it will expire. This is why it’s crucial to cool your food down in a short amount of time. Spending less time in a hot environment means that the food product in question will be able to spend a longer time on the shelf of the supermarket.

Help Improve Shelf Life

Science Is the Key

Cooling tubes are great because they have been scientifically designed and engineered to be able to treat a multitude of different foods and get them ready for sale. Cooling tunnels work really well to treat different items such as sauces, preserves and jams, syrups, juices, pastes, and many other condiments. Each tunnel is specifically designed to suit a certain food item, which is why the tunnels can come in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical, square, rectangular, pouches, and many others. The different tunnels are also made of different materials to suit the food product in question, such as glass, aluminium, PET, PE, and several others, each one suited for a specific purpose.

Science Is the Key

Energy Efficiency

Any good cooling tunnel that you can find will be highly energy efficient to reduce both energy and food waste. These tunnels are specially designed to produce a counterflow effect that allows the food to be cooled within just one single pass through the tubes. Not only does this save energy and food, but it also saves a lot of time as well.

Refrigerated Air Systems

Not all foods can be cooled down within a tube or tunnel, because not all food can flow through a tunnel. That is why a great provider can also supply you with cooling belts or conveyor belts that have a cooling system integrated. These cooling conveyor belts are great for foods such as processed cheese, pastries, and any other solid food that needs to be cooled down before packaging.

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