The Handyman’s Guide to Roofing His Home

Roofing a house is not an easy task. According to roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan who are experienced in this field, it takes a lot of patience, knowledge and skills in order to complete a roofing system. Of course, you might say that you can do the job, but here are few things you should do so you can gauge if you can really roof on your own and would never hire professional roofers.2

First Step

So you are contemplating on starting out the job without having to contact any of those roofing contractors in Plymouth Michigan. In order for you to do this initially, you should get a ladder and reach the roof. Here is the test: walk into the roof. If you are comfortable with your steps and with knowing that the shingles and plies can actually bear your weight, then opt for DIY measures. However, if you having hesitations stepping onto the roof, then call the pros.

Second Step

Let us assume that you passed the first step. The next thing you should do is to take the shingles up. This may entail at a lot of carrying and climbing works. You can actually get rid of the hassle if you will ask the supplier to directly unload your shingles up. When this is done, you should make sure the roof is clean before installing the shingles.

Carefully install and align the shingles where you want the replacement to happen. Those roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan would advise you to carefully apply waterproof adhesive in between to avoid seepage. Strong winds and rain water can force the water to seep through the edges.

Third Step

Cover the roofing installed with asphalt saturated felt that is aimed at absorbing moisture. Make sure that every layer is overlapping the previous one for at least two inches. Do this until the desired reinstallation covered the area. Do not forget to remove the old shingles to avoid other problems that are existent with them.

Roofing is not an easy task. If you think you lack the time and the resources, it would not hurt to spend a little in hiring roofing contractors in plymouth Michigan who have been doing the job right for years.

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