Tekno Products Inc., In Court Again For Willful Infringement

The Product Development landscape is fertile ground by nature. That’s where ideas materialize into existing products and eventually contribute to bettering our lives.

Metropolitan cities have programs in place to cultivate, direct and help these product developers to successfully bring products and services to market.  All is right with the world – except for one thing. The world has bad apples and those apples want to steal these ideas for profit. Why? Because they can.

Simply put – When developing an idea you have to bare in mind that Intellectual property rights are not enough protection against the modern thief.  Just like the burglar looks for a weak elder from which to snatch a purse, the modern thief seeks out developments that are easy to rob. Typically their ideal target is a start-up company with a product that is just gaining traction in the marketplace. At that early stage the company is not yet profitable and is struggling to break even.  This is a prime target for modern thieves.

A prime example is the father & son team of Nick & Jeff Kourani. Owners & operators of Tekno Products Inc. Based out of New Jersey.  These guys are the definition of a modern thief.

Just take a look at their court records. It’s not enough for these serial offenders to be sued by companies defending their products from these robbers, they just keep on seeking out the next elder lady with the proverbial purse.


Sued by Clingo in Washington District Court – Judgement-.

Current court cases against Tekno products

The next victim : Honey Badger Garden Gloves. These Gardener / Business men have developed a product since 2012 and finally came to market in 2014. The product is simply a glove with claws. It’s designed to prevent the fingertips from wearing out and has tooling features appropriate for gardening.

Let’s see how this battle turns out over the next few months.

A word to the wise – If you shop ethically you end up with a better product by genuine interest instead of a knock-off that perpetuates thievery and breaks the bank of the original developers. Research what you purchase and make the right choice.

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