Studying a White card course online

What is a white card?

A white card is a document or card that is proof that you have undertaken mandatory training before working in a construction zone. The course talks about the safety issues and dangers connected in working with such a high risk environment.

white card

Who should study it?

The white card is a plastic card that is issued once you have successfully undergone a specialised training program that helps you be aware of the dangers of working in the construction industry. People who can take this course to obtain a white card online Australia


  • High ranking officials such as supervisors, surveyors and managers.
  • Staff like handymen, construction workers, labourers and other tradesmen
  • Anyone who has the access to construction zones and cannot always be accompanied by someone working on the site.
  • Anyone whose work requires them to be regularly present at construction areas.

Where can I study?

Look up your states local Vocational education and training centres and get in touch with registered training organisations that provide this course. This course is quite short and can be completed online at your pace or even at an accredited learning centre.


What is covered in the course?

This course is especially aimed at all those workers who are regularly in high risk construction areas. These include; self-employed personals, labourers, apprentices, specialised trades-persons, supervisors and site managers.

Students will be taught the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry as well as information that will help to prevent workplace injury and illness and other related topics such asmanaging workplace injury and workers damages in case of an injury or accident.

The content of the course covers:

  • An overview of OHS legislative requirements;
  • Identifying of construction hazards and appropriate control measures;
  • OHS- communication and reporting procedures; and
  • OHS- incident response process.

In addition to general introduction training, students will also undergo related training such as:

  1. orientation training specific to a site – training which is organised by your employer or specific work site to provide workers with knowledge of occupational health and safety issues and safe work practices specific to that location.
  2. orientation training specific to a task – training that is provided at the workplace for a precise work task. This helps the workersto complete various tasks as per instructions and safely.

When will I receive the white card?

The white card can take anywhere between 3 weeks to a month to be sent you your chosen address. If you need to start work prior to that and you have completed your training, you will be issued with a document that you can use in place of your white card which has validity of two months.

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