Getting a no verification of documents loan to purchase an investment property is no longer a unrealistic goal. At agents are helping investor approve loans for investment property purchase. Borrower can acquire home loans where they do not have to show their tax returns or income statements. These loans known as stated income loans are totally legit as government admits such type of loans.

Now, if you are a self-employed person or independent contractor like me, you may not have the usual procedure for documenting your income. So, is it that you cannot take a loan for buying a non-occupant property? You can when you get in touch with stated income mortgage companies like


Thus, for investors who is looking to grow their equity or small business owners to get a property without showing their full income documents!

Stated Income Loans: Available within Business Lending

In relation to the stated income stated asset loansit must be clear to one that you cannot get this loan as consumer loan, it is against the law, it’s only for investor or use the loan to purchase an investment property. During 2014 new regulations were introduced in the mortgage market that stated that if a lender fails to payback the home loan then they will face the risk that court may challenge the mortgage. Along with this, you must also remember about the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 that was created after the mortgage crisis. It is stated their clearly that for lenders who are looking for stated income loans for owner occupied loan will be considered illegal.

The crash in mortgage market was due to this type of loan where one could apply for such loan without any paper work and without any verification about the income stated. Thus, presently, although one can state their income for getting the loan but the lender will verify about the working status before the loan is sanctioned.


Who Can Qualify for a Stated Income Mortgage?

If you are interested in getting such loan you can call a stated income loan agent from They will explain you about the various rules and regulations and then help you complete the application form so that the loan is approved and disbursed fast.

However, you need fulfill the below criteria for applying for the loan

  • You must have a credit score of more than 600. If you can show good cash reserves things will become faster.
  • You must be ready to put down payment of 30% instead of 20%.
  • After you state your income your employment will be verified to make sure that you have stated almost right income.

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