Roof Designs in Different House Styles

The roof is the part of the house that can determine the whole design of your home. That is why many different styles of houses have different styles of roofs and are even made with all kinds of different materials. Below are four examples of roof designs that you may notice.

Roofing in Tudor-Styled Houses

Tudor houses are often built using steep roofing with dark color. It makes a bold contrast from the walls because usually the walls in the Tudor houses are painted in a light color, usually white. The look of the roof is very angular and neat. To build these roofs, Tudor house builders are usually using asphalt, slate, gables, parapets, and small dormers.


Roofing in Ranch Houses

Ranch houses with a rustic look are usually completed by a gently sloping roof. The color of the roof is usually not noticeable because ranch houses usually only have one color and usually is made to look as natural as possible. However, in some ranch houses, we can also find some roofs with bold color, different shape, and different texture as well.

Southwest and Mediterranean Houses

Both areas are very sunny throughout the year. Thus, the roofs in these areas are often made of clay and tiles. They can deflect the sunny and hot sunlight so that it is not being absorbed by the roof. Thus, the inside of the house will not get as hot. Clay roofing is heavy and that is why most of the Southwest and Mediterranean houses are using strong structures for the houses. This allows for the home to support the weight of the clay roof.

Dutch Colonial Houses

In many Dutch colonial houses, you will find that the roofs are steeply and sloped. They are quite curvy and the curve actually meets the walls directly. Dutch colonial houses are often very grand and vast. The usage of the roof is often covering both sides of the second floor of the house. That is why the roof is very noticeable and requires a lot of special attention. The materials to make the roof in Dutch colonial houses are usually wooden materials. However, synthetic substitute materials such as laminated composition shingles are often used as well.

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