Replacing Window Locks In Your Home

Window Care and Maintenance for a Safer Home

If you’re like the typical homeowner, you haven’t changed the locks on your windows in quite some time, if ever. It can be easy to forget these vulnerable spots in your home. Many homeowners take care to secure their front doors, garages and yard but overlook their windows.


Check Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Bathrooms

You must check the various window locks in your home for vulnerability. Did you know burglars are most likely to enter your home during the day while you’re at work?
First, check standard double-hung windows. Make certain the wood to which the lock is attached has not rotted. This could make the window all too easy to pry open with a screwdriver or tire iron. If there is superficial wear on the surface of the wood that is making locks wiggly, simply scrape off old varnish and paint and then re-attach the locks. Then repaint.

Attics, Bathrooms, Basements and Sunrooms

Secure tilted window latches can also be susceptible to a wood rot problem. These windows are most commonly found in attics and bathrooms. A pack of tilt window latches will only cost, at most, about £3.50. You can also install rolling shutter locks and find they are more secure. These can be made of plastic or durable aluminium. Eyebolts can bolster existing security and only cost about £1.30.

Entryways and Living Rooms

Another point of entry in your home is your glass back door. These doors should always be secured with a deadbolt. An easy-open door can be appealing, especially if you have children, but they pose a weak point in the security of your home. A new deadbolt should cost about £10.00-£13.00 and are available at any hardware store. These doors are also less susceptible to break-ins if they’re made of materials besides wood.


Sometimes windows in your home will be beyond repair depending on the wear and tear they sustain from water and repeated use. If you find they slam down on their own and no longer fit snugly in their hangers, you may have to replace them.

New double hung windows can run anywhere from £54.00 to £125.00 depending on the quality and detail of the replacement window. Ensure you check whether it’s the window or glass that needs replacing, often homeowners replace windows when actually they only need replacement glass in their windows. With our previous experience, we find that a local window vendor will recommend the best course of action.

Check Glass for Vulnerability

The panes themselves on your windows might need to be replaced as well. You might find a small impact break, which looks like a spider web. A blunt impact may only leave tiny butterfly horizontal lines across your window. Stress cracks can appear spontaneously without any pressure as well. It is important to replace cracked windows, as they are extremely susceptible to spontaneous breakage. Safety window film may be great insurance for these problems. Although it may cost about £90.00, the film can help your window resist kicks and blows from a burglar.

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