Plumbing issues faced by the people living in old homes

If you are living in an old house you should be aware about some of the plumbing issues that you might face. Sometimes, the fixes become very expensive if they are not repaired on time. The plumbing errors make you feel embarrassing in front of the guests and your house can lose its charm and make your life miserable.  So, it is better to have pre knowledge about it and take necessary actions before they become worse. The plumbing services by Davis Plumbing & Drain in Arizona can help you to get rid of the plumbing issues.

Some of the problems that you might face are given below:

Normal wear and tear:


If anything is used again and again everyday then there will be some natural deterioration with time. You cannot ignore the normal wear and tear as these may grow into large problems if not repaired in time. For example, the small leakage can grow into large leak causing wastage of water and making the repair difficult.

Having galvanized steel pipes:

Mostly, the old homes have galvanized steel pipes. They are having problems like rusting and corrosion which affects the performance of the pipe. With time, the water pressure becomes low and also clogs. If you get brown water on opening the faucet that means there is rusting problem with the pipe. Nowadays, plastic pipes are used which are cheap and do not corrode.

Numerous alterations in plumbing:

It is very difficult to carry out the repair in an old house as being old the plumbing might have been altered a number of times. So, finding the main source of problem is difficult.

Smaller vent pipe:

Older homes have a two inch vent pipe which is not enough to meet today’s requirements and leads to slow drainage. Nowadays, three inch vent pipes are installed to avoid any problem in future.

Noise making pipes:

It is very frightening when the pipes make noise while expanding and contracting. This problem can be solved by adding some insulation and eliminating the noise.

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