Ordering Control Cables: Important Information to Keep in Mind

When you look under the bonnet of your car, you may be confused at all the different components and wires that are neatly stacked on top of each other. The bonnet of your car houses the engine and other important components that are responsible for the vehicle’s smooth functioning. A number of different cables, electrical wires and tube pipes are used in order to connect the different components together.

afe_sprint_booster_power_converter_plug_1  The thickness and circumference of different cables and wires generally vary depending upon the application for which they are designed. The clutch wire is generally quite durable and is designed to withstand a lot of pressure. That’s because there’s a lot of pulling involved in the transmission. Every time you shift gears, the clutch wire is pulled sharply. Apart from that, a number of different cable assemblies are also installed behind the dashboard and right under the bonnet of the car. The remote valve controls, the auto shift cables and the control heads of different components are all installed in different locations under the bonnet. The wires running from the battery and to the vehicle’s starter are also designed to be thicker. They are properly insulated to ensure they don’t get damaged in case they come in contact with water.


Most companies that manufacture control cables also manufacture a variety of other types of cables. Industrial push-pull cables, heavy duty throttles, rocking foot controls, transmission systems, air assist clutches and auto shift cables are just some of the many different types of cables that these companies design. If you are looking for a reputable control cables manufacturer and wish to place an order, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Order from a Reputable Manufacturer

Reputation plays a very important role in this industry. Because of the immense amount of pressure on these cables, it is important that the manufacturer only uses high-quality materials. As a result, ordering from a manufacturer that offers low quotes but is known for using substandard quality materials isn’t a wise idea. Goodwill plays an important role in your search for finding a reliable manufacturer. Most companies sign long-term contracts with cable manufacturers and suppliers. You should generally ask for references from different sources before making a decision about which manufacturer to hire for the job.



The next step is to determine the different applications for which the cable will be used. The specifications and measurements of the cable will vary depending upon the application for which it is designed. The company will offer you some fixed choices that you can opt for, or ask you to provide specifications based on your requirements. It’s best to check a few samples before you confirm the order. This will give you an idea of whether the company’s products are up to the standard. You should only place an order after carefully inspecting the sample.


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