Most Common Roof Problems You Should Not Neglect

Small problems should never be neglected or these will lead to bigger expense once they worsen. House roofs should be checked once in a while to prevent severe leaks and moisture inside the entire house. Experts from roofing contractor in canton Michigan would advise every household to conduct regular maintenance check on their roofs in order to address little concerns before everything gets too late.

  • Poor flashing – this kind of problem usually leads to laps and open seams where water seep through. This problem can also be accompanied by poor embedment of gravel and inadequate use of fasteners that should have fastened the sheets altogether.
  • Interruption of roof membrane leads to leakage. Improper installation of flashing usually allows the water to get through the roof and even retain moisture. According to roofing contractor in canton Michigan, this problem can be addressed through proper installation of flashing. Leaks can result when membrane along the roofs are installed with very poor seams. The membranes are supposed to hold water. Moreover, the seams should be heat-welded or glued together to prevent the water from leaking through.


  • Punctures and other kinds of penetration after installation – After everything has been properly installed, some instances that would lead to puncture could not be avoided. High traffic areas usually encounter puncture problems. This could be addressed by installing additional walkway paths and sacrificial layers to the membranes.
  • Improper repairs can lead to bigger problems. This is the reason why roofing contractor in canton Michigan would tell you that choosing the right repairmen for your roof problems is a must. In some cases, wrong diagnosis of problem would lead to wrong solutions and worse scenarios. Sometimes, materials used are also not suited to the problem at hand. Whether you are fixing the roof on your own or you hired the best repairman in town, it really pays to adhere to manufacturer instructions when it comes to using repair materials and equipment.


More often than not, the first step to resolving roof issues is to be able to identify the root of the problem. Leaks, blistering, detachment of seams and other concerns can only be resolved through proper use of materials and maintenance. The roof if supposed to be the home’s protection against sun, wind, rain and other natural and man-made disturbances. Maintaining it regularly would lead to a happy and comfortable living. Much more, addressing small problems at once would save you more money than you can ever imagine.

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