Maintaining your Boiler to Avoid Costly Repairs

Surely, you don’t want to find your house without heating in the middle of winter. Unluckily, a problem like this can happen.  But there are some boiler maintenance tips to follow to ensure you don’t end up paying a nasty bill or contacting someone in order to fix your boiler.


What Could Go Wrong

Condensing boiler is a common kind of boiler. It is perfect for homes that fight higher electricity and gas costs. Compared with ordinary boilers, condensing boilers are 10% to 20% more efficient.  But since this equipment may freeze up in cold temperatures, regular servicing is a must.

What to Look For

Of course, a dodgy boiler no longer heats up water. And since the trouble is likely to have started before this, it makes sense to know the things to look out for.

  • Color of the boiler flame- First check if the flame of the boiler is clear blue. A yellow or orange gas flame indicates an issue and can mean you have to call a boiler engineer.
  • Boiler pressure- In case the boiler suddenly rises or drops or when the pressure stays too high for a long time, think about servicing your boiler.
  • Ticking noise- This noise can be heard as you start your boiler. Similarly, when the system uses more gas than usual, there must be a serious issue that must be investigated.

Stop the Condensing Boiler from Freezing

It can be costly to get a gas boiler repaired so avoid a frozen boiler. To prevent this, you can set the room thermostat or heating timer to continuous. This will help you avoid paying an expensive boiler repair. Consider constantly leaving the heat on low.  Although it may cost a bit more to always turn your heating on, you may save money in the long run. Visit if you need to service your boiler.

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