Kitchen Colors that Bring Life to Your Homes

The kitchen’s colors contribute so much to the relaxing and soothing ambiance of the home. The same factor also affects the mood when cooking or preparing food on the granite countertops which can come in many different designs. Interior designers have also come a long way in providing the best advice on colors and designs when it comes to the kitchen.4

Color Ideas

  • Red – this is definitely a warm color that naturally induces the appetite. Most kitchens infuse red since this is versatile and multiple shades can be combined with other hues like green, black, and white. Red may not be found as a shade to granite countertops but this is essentially common in cabinets and walls.
  • Gray – this may seem dull alone but its combination with almost all shades in the color wheel brings about a dramatic and calming effect. Gray has taken the spotlight in many homes for quite some time now because of its ability to neutralize and act as base for other hues. Kitchens with gray cabinets or gray countertops generally create a sophisticated impression.
  • Green – the calming impact of green whether from natural or man-made structures has been a proven truth. Green is a smart shade that can blend perfectly with wood and white accents. Emerald green may not seem to be a common choice but trying it out to exude stronger ambiance will not be a regret.
  • Blue – blue is a bedroom color but it could also be used in kitchens and other parts of the house. Lighter shades of blue create a clean and crisp look which is perfect for the ceiling, the cabinets and the walls. Although blue may seem to be innately invigorating, most interior designer’s advice it to be used sparingly. Dark hues of this color can be used as base but you must always combine it with gray or white which are considered the most popular accents of the present.
  • White – this color exudes cleanliness and freshness. White granite countertops are the most sought after highlight in modern kitchens since it allows breathing spaces while creating an impression of ease and comfort.  

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