Interior Design Trends to Watch In 2016


With the New Year just beginning to get into full swing, there’s already design trends that have been burgeoning; poised to become commonplace features in homes around the globe. While some trends have been bubbling under the surface for a while before becoming more and more prominent within the last few months, others are even newer than that; seemingly arriving out of nowhere to delight inspire homeowners to make a serious space overhaul in 2016.

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Go Artisan

Whether you purchase them online, while travelling or art a local craft market, handmade items will continue to have a big impact in 2016. As travelling the world has become more than just a hobby for college students, the appreciation for globally-inspired (and economically responsible) goods continues to rise. From detailed beading, macrame and crochet, to wood and stone carving, vintage art and luxurious textiles, Homeowners should take advantage of the trend in small doses – sticking to statement items or grouping collections of smaller accessories together for a worldly look.

Black Metals

Previously relegated to outdoor furniture and bed frames, wrought iron is finding its way indoors and into other parts of the home. In 2016, it will make appearances in a variety of ways, from accessories, to tables to detailing like cabinet handles and bathroom fixtures. Darker metals work well especially in spaces where a mix of metals are present, as using is exclusively would be overwhelming in many ways. This deeper take on metal finishes is also less refined than the high-shine & polished yellow, rose gold and copper metallics of 2015.

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Rounded Furniture

They say it started with the iPhone, but the effect of the curve is something that will play an important role in interiors this year. While modern aesthetics have long displayed softer, curved edges and turns, they were also paired with straight lines and sharp corners. Traditionally, larger furniture items have been much more linear for the last few years, save for purposely highly ornate pieces of vintage or traditional styles.

The Return of White Marble

White marble is enjoying a revival as trends continue to flirt heavily with minimalism, but with slight accents and detailing. With the prevalence of granite having already reached its peak, marble’s clean, smooth, and luxurious feel is both vintage and modern, and works in essentially any room in the house. Tables, counters, accessories, artwork, kitchen tools and more are all showing up in various shades or swirled white and grey. When used sparingly, it brings life to monochromatic spaces, working especially well in spaces dominated by shades of white as well as black. Marble also pairs perfectly with gold fixtures and detailing.

Mismatched Cabinetry

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Gone are the days of the perfectly put-together kitchen. Building on last year’s foray into mixed metals for sinks, fixtures and appliances, the trend continues upward and has worked its way into cabinetry. Traditionally, kitchens follow a rigid style guide of matching colours and fixtures, with cabinets usually left as whatever their original colour was – usually white. From colour, texture, size and more, don’t be afraid to pair two different cabinet styles with one another for maximum effect. While lower cabinets can remain in their original state, take a risk and swap out the upper cabinets for a visually interesting look.

Statement Mirrors

Bathroom Statement Mirrors

When you think statement mirror, you typically think bedrooms, entryways, and living rooms; ignoring the bathroom due to the fact that they typically come already equipped with its own standard mirror. In 2016, mirrors or all shapes and sizes will find their way into the bathrooms of many more homes, replacing the typical rectangular, sink-mounted mirror with a much more conversation-worthy piece. As the centrepiece of the bathroom, these mirrors are as beautiful as they are functional.

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