Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

In a home kitchen, the one thing that really accentuates its look are the kitchen cabinets. Although they serve a useful purpose, they also add a design element which helps to accentuate the kitchen décor. If you choose your kitchen cabinet design carefully, you will see a whole lot of difference in your kitchen décor style. If you are not sure about what design to choose or what elements to add, we have compiled a useful guide for you. Read further to know

Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • Timeless Look: If you are planning for a timeless look, get accented classic moldings on your cabinets. A dark glaze can also add the timeless charm to the cabinets, making them look beautiful. If you have the island shaped kitchen, then you can also opt for a black-matte finish on the island for to create a harmonious look.
  • Urban look: To give your kitchen a more urban look you can have squared off, flat cabinets which look smart and chic. You can make use of stainless steel drawers to further add to the urban look.
  • Vintage look: This is one of the most preferred styles of kitchen décor. To achieve this look you can have cabinets with simple beaded moldings. Add to it bin-style drawer along with beautiful glass knobs and visible latches to complement the vintage look. You can also add decorative white supports below the cabinets to complete the look.
  • Italian look: The Italian look has always been in trend thanks to a number of elements used to achieve the same. You can mix wood finishes and colors to get this look. Make sure to use contrasting colors so as to draw attention to different zones within the kitchen. Distressed glaze finish for the main cabinets while walnut brown for the island is a good combination. Furthermore, you can even add a deep red to the cooktop area to add a decorative touch to the kitchen.
  • Farmhouse look: For the country charm, you will have to add antique furniture style cabinets with farm table in the center. The cabinets will have to be heavily distressed to give it the country, rustic charm. Furthermore, to achieve this look make sure to add 2-3 colors of cabinets such as a mossy green, wooden and browns to make it look as if the cabinets have been changed a number of times over the years. For the upper cabinets, beveled molding along with ledge accents is advisable.
  • Classic white look: This is one of the most famous looks for a kitchen. Classic white can never go wrong and it adds a touch of class to your kitchen. Keep it interesting by adding little color nuances throughout the kitchen accessories. Have raised panel cabinet doors along with recessed panel drawers to achieve the quaint classic white look.

These kitchen cabinet ideas will make your kitchen stand out and provide a beautiful look to your home.

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