How Your Mom Can Install the Garage Door Opener Correctly in 30 Minutes

Installing a garage door opener on your own can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you have no idea which tools to use and what’s this part is for. Since the opener is the largest moving part in your house, this might be a bit challenging.

Although you can always have your garage door opener installed by professionals, you might want to save a few extra cash by doing it yourself. This will definitely take time, but you can use the savings in doing other necessary home improvements.

Here’s the easiest and best method in installing your garage door in 30 minutes that even your mom can do it:

  • Find the most DIY-friendly garage door opener.If you’re planning to install it singlehandedly, find an opener that is easy to install. Look for a type that suits your needs whether it is a belt-drive, screw-drive, or chain-drive system. Then, go through the different reviews online to find out how well they installed these openers. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations if they have installed their opener on their own. This is the best way to find the perfect garage door opener that you can handle.
  • Check the door. Before you start with the installation, inspect the garage door first. Ensure that all the parts in the door is working. Check if there’s a broken spring and if it opens and closes just fine. Test the door balance, as well. If there are issues with your garage door, fix those problems first so everything is in good working order once you start.


  • Get a heavy-duty angle iron and a ladder. Having a ladder and some heavy-duty angle iron will save your life once you start the installation. The ladder makes it easy for you to setup the opener and to reach the ceiling when the need arises. Heavy-duty angle iron is sturdier than the straps that come with the garage door opener kit. Angle iron is best for solid mounting for less vibration which equates to longer lifespan.
  • Lay out the parts and attach the track to the drive unit. Lay out everything that comes with the kit and work on the rail first. Attach the first track to the drive unit that houses the motor. Bolt the other sections together so the carriage moves along the tracks. Slip the carriage into the bottom of the track. This will connect to the door and will be pulled along the track.
  • Bolt the track above the garage door. Bolt the bracket at the bottom of the track and to the beam above the door. Ask for help in supporting the weight or the drive unit. You can also use the ladder for this purpose. Ensure that the drive unit is parallel to the floor while you are securing the bracket. Then, open the garage door and mount the drive to the ceiling with your angle iron.
  • Do the wiring and mounting. If you have a wall-mounted switch, feed the switch wire from the drive through a hole on the ceiling. Punch a second hole and fish the wire through and attach it to the switch. Mount the sensors on both sides of the door, preferably six inches above the floor. Then, run the wire from the sensors to the motor as per the instructions.
  • Attach garage door opener and test it. Finally, connect your garage door opener to your door and secure them with pins. Connect the opener to the power supply and test it out. Switch it on and test it with the remotes and with the wall controls.

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