How to Deal With Residential Water Damage

Water damage can be a huge problem especially when it has not been addressed at once. The water leaked from pipes and faucets can be a stagnant abode for bacteria. Aside from that, the moisture from the leakage can lead to the growth of molds that might harm your family’s health. These molds can grow from smaller scope until they spread out to walls, granite countertops and other surfaces.

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How to deal with water damage

  • Identify the source of water flow. Check for pipes, roofs and appliances that might have caused the flooding and stop the leak immediately. If you cannot recognize where the flow originates, then it is time to call an expert.
  • In cases of severe flooding, turn off electrical appliances and the entire power source.
  • Once you have identified the problem, evaluate the intensity of the damage. If you think the problem is not severe, then you can begin the cleanup effort. Do not forget to take pictures of the problem in reference to your insurance claim.
  • Get rid of the leak. You can use mops, old clothes or towels to soak water out.
  • Once the water is out, disinfect the drywall, beams, granite countertops, and surfaces.
  • Prevent the growth of mold once again by allowing the area to dry out.
  • Rescue your possessions to safety. Prioritize the belongings you need to rescue such as money, heirlooms and pieces of jewelry. Do not forget to seal your important documents.
  • Wear protective suit and never clean molds without gloves.
  • Disposed the damaged items responsibly. You cannot just throw everything into the dumpster. Still implement great recycling practices to dispose electronics and other items properly.
  • Opt for a mold remediation specialist to address the problems for mold growth. Make sure you are opting for someone experienced, insured and licensed.

Water damage inside your homes may sound simple but once neglected, may pose a huge threat to you and your family. Prevention is better than cure. Be conscious of small leaks and presence of molds which can be easily recognize and do something about it. Procrastinating mold removal can lead to regrets.

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