How to Cleanup Molds and Restore your Home

Molds are silent perpetrators that do not only damage the physical aspect of your home but also pose hazards to your family’s health. The growth and spread of mold can definitely lead to allergic reactions and serious illnesses. It is advisable that you implement certain Mold Removal schemes to prevent situations from getting out of hand.

When to Cleanup mold on your own

Hiring a professional may not be necessary given the following situations:

  • The mold is only covering a small area.
  • The mold is actually growing on surfaces that can be easily cleaned like metal, tiles, glass and sinks.
  • The mold might be growing on hard to clean areas but can be easily replaced like carpets and rugs.
  • The existence of health problems cannot be recognized yet.

clean up mold

How to conduct Mold Removal

More and more households are looking for ways to address the existence of molds due to the costs of professionals. In such cases when molds can still be addressed on your own, make sure to follow these advices:

  • Know the different levels of infestation. As mentioned earlier, it pays to discern if the area affected is huge or small. As a standard, an area less than 10 square meters can still be managed without calling for experienced professionals.
  • Make sure air flows from the inside to the outside before starting the Mold Removal This will allow moisture to get out of the area and dry out the wet surfaces.
  • Do not touch molds with your hands. Wear gloves and disposable suit that could cover your body while cleaning. Respirator and goggles can be of big help to prevent the molds from getting to your skin.
  • Bleach may not always work. Bleach can only be effective in restoring the appearance but does not guarantee that the fungi will not regrow after a few days. Scrub the mold out of the grout and tiles with a brush and cleaning product
  • Mix baking soda with water and use it to scrub the infected area.
  • Dispose rugs and carpets that are infected with molds.
  • Make sure to keep all areas dry and moisture free. Ensure that ventilation is sufficient to prevent moisture from building up.

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