How Flooding Could Affect Local Landscaping In Lougborough

Loughborough and Flooding

Early in January, 2016, online sources issued a warning that some low-lying roads and farm fields in face a possible flooding risk. The level of several local waterways has generated concern that some brooks might overflow their banks.

Impacted waters include: Grammar School Brook, Burleigh Brook, and Wood Brook, Grace Dieu Brook, Black Brook and the terrain around the lower River Soar. Most problems in the local area stem from flooding of the River Trent in nearby Derbyshire, with Loughborough in Leicestershire fortunately several miles removed from the flood warning zone outlined by the U.K.


Of course, the flooding of the River Trent might ultimately contribute to a swelling of local brooks and creeks. People who reside within impacted areas sometimes rely on landscaping solutions to help alleviate potential problems. The River Soar passes to the east of Loughborough, so monitoring the level of this waterway remains an especially timely concern.

Wetlands Solutions

Not every terrain lends itself to a landscaping solution. Building codes today usually take this issue into consideration. Some neighbourhoods benefit from the presence of dedicated natural wetlands, for instance. Today, geographers pay close attention to the benefits these natural areas provide from a biodiversity standpoint, also.

Heightened Awareness

Increased awareness about issues of flooding and natural conservation informs many professional landscaping engineers in this century. During former eras, builders in England often failed to appreciate the consequences of covering over natural surfaces extensively with bricks, asphalt and other non-porous paving materials. Looking at the driveways installed in Loughborough, these provide the home owners with a great place to keep their car safe but also causes a problem as there is no dirt to absorb the water. This is an issue which is currently being looked at by many local councils.

Extensive construction sometimes artificially restricts or limits the natural drainage of water into the ground in some locations, for instance. Drains in urban areas alleviate the problem of excess water, yet many rural roads do not include this feature. Loughborough remains fortunate that a significant flooding risk does not occur in this locale.

Landscaping to Promote Drainage

Some modern landscaping techniques promote better drainage. These include establishing wetlands and seasonal ponds in low lying areas, diverting excess water into drains, planting wetland vegetation, installing a sump pump system to help clear off unwanted water accumulations across paved areas, and constructing special raised bed gardens. It’s worth checking if your local area is prone to flooding and if landscapers in Loughborough can provide advice on this.

Engineering Expertise

A knowledgeable landscaping engineer can assist you in implementing the best solution for your site. These professionals possess the ability to review the past flood history of specific locales and develop practical measures to reduce the impact of swollen waterways. For more information on tactical landscaping against water damage, read more on the authors’ blog at Simple Landscaping, the UK’s most practical guide to landscaping with tips and advice for your own garden design.

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