Estate Sale – How To Make Home Downsizing Transition Smooth?

Are you moving in with someone special, exhausted maintaining large home, moving to a downtown apartment, or getting old and feel a need to downsize, then the gigantic question is, from where to start.

The idea of moving from a big house full of memories and a familiar neighborhood is crushing. In addition, it includes de-cluttering, means getting rid of some family treasures and things of sentimental values.

It is easy to say, ‘Get RID of extra stuff’, but doing it is very hard.

How to make transition smooth?


Many people have left their large mansions and moved into small houses in the past decade. It was not because they wanted to, but due to recession. They found that having a small space, close to their work or near amenities is good.

Detailed home inventory

Have a belonging list made and divide those under three categories.

  1. Must haves – Obviously, the list will include necessary items.
  2. Can live without – Include things that can be sold, donated, or got rid of in any way. It does not mean that you need to dispose them, but if space is less, than they are first ones to leave.
  3. Things that can be replaced – Include things that you can probably sell and purchase a small one. For example, instead of the large wall-hanging TV, buy a small one or purchase space-saving furniture and sell recliners and sectional couches, you own today.

If you are moving with someone in a small space, then sit together and go through all your belongings. The space is small so decide to bring things that are utmost necessary and both must be clear about, who brings what.

Sell unwanted items and raise money to buy

Sell the heavy furniture or appliances or unwanted stuff in a yard sale or online. Downsizing means economize, so make money from things that are not possible to be taken along. Thus, you can be able to invest in things of appropriate size for the new home or save for future. Ultimately, if you cannot sell and the things are in good condition, then donate it. Someone will certainly appreciate your charity.

How professionals help?

You can take help from professionals at Strategic Property Solutions. They help clients in downsizing their homes and move smoothly to a new home. The professionals take care of sorting, de-cluttering, and organizing your belongings.

In addition, ensure that the unwanted items are packed and shipped to the promised charity, family, and auction. They even assist in unpacking and placing furniture in the new home according to the floor plan their team provided.

Author’s Bio:

Stephen Tomalin has written this article. He works with Strategic Property Solutions, and they offer real estate management and relocating services. To learn more about how you can save the expenses by downsizing your homes, please visit their website.

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