Essential Bathroom Furniture – The Mirrored Cabinet

Well, quite frankly, at my age, a mirror in the bathroom really only represents an unwanted reality check. However for my teenage children a mirror is an essential accessory, for every room in the house … indeed every room in existence!

Of course it did cross my mind to install just a cabinet, no mirror, a bit more Fen Sui, less intrusive. But then I’m overlooking peer pressure, practicalities and the light improving ambience a mirror provides.

Let’s be honest a mirror in the bathroom is truly a good idea, however … a mirrored bathroom cabinet is truly a GREAT idea!

A mirrored cabinet provides storage space and a chance to reflect; an irresistible combination for both the tidy and vain. We all need the use of a mirror at times, if it’s only to count our teeth or pluck protruding hair.


So it is, I have to concede that, overall, the arguments for a mirrored cabinet far out ways my selfish objections.

The trawl around suppliers, organised by my wife, really was an eye opener; the cabinets were numerous, the designs innovative, practical and reasonably inexpensive. I was most impressed by the range of colours and finishes. I was completely sold on the idea until …

We were introduced to not only vanity units, but matching loos with matching baths. My wife’s eyes really lit up … we only came out for a Vanity Unit! We left the store as proud owners of a new ‘concept’ colour coordinated bathroom. I couldn’t wait to tell my mates.

However it’s fair to say I remain a convert, poorer but nevertheless enriched by our purchase. The bathroom looks great, the mirror creates an impression of greater space and the clutter, including my hair dye, is now thankfully hidden from view.

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