Easy Tips To Make Bird Feeders For Your Garden

If your house has a beautiful back garden or a porch, then you can further beautify it by having a bird feeder there so that birds visit your garden regularly making it a cheerful place to relax in. In case you reside in a place which has good population of birds then having a bird feeder makes sense as it will attract the birds and you get to look at these wonderful birds from near. Bird feeders are easily available in the market, however if you are the creative kind, you do not need to go out and purchase them as you can make easily at home from recycled materials.

These handmade feeders are not just cheap, but are also a good addition for garden décor. Furthermore they also make for good personalized gifts, especially for those who love gardening and cherish the presence of these birds in their gardens. To add a personal touch, it is always great to customize them.

If you are wondering how to make DIY bird feeders, then here is a list of easy to make bird feeders.

Milk Jug Bird-Feeder: This is one of the easiest bird feeder that you can make and you do not require any extra supplies for it. It can also act as a good project on recycling and reusing to teach your children. Take a gallon jug of milk and wash it properly inside out. Now draw a huge circle on both the sides of the jug and cut them out. Once you have made the holes, you will have to smoothen the edges of the circle by running a hot knife around it that will melt the plastic and blunt the edges properly. Now using the edge of a hot knife, make tiny holes on the bottom of the jug for drainage. Now make hole on the lid of the jug, right in the middle and push a parachord through it and tie a not. Now screw he cap back in place and this chord can be used to hang the feeder on a branch. Color the feeder an attractive color, fill it with bird seeds and your bird feeder is ready to use!

Egg Carton Feeder: Remove the top of the carton and punch 4 holes on the 4 corners of the tray. Now take two string pieces, about a foot long, and thread then through the holes diagonally. Now bunch up the strings and tie a knot of the ends. If you want extra protection, you could even put some glue over the knot. Paint the carton in bright colors, fill it with seeds and your feeder is ready to use.

Both these methods are very easy and can be executed without any fuss. If you wish to attract birds into your garden, get started right away!

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