Design Ideas for Marble Kitchen and Bathrooms

Marble has always been a rich classical stone. It has the depth that brings beauty to any room in the house. Let us go through some decorative marble applications to help you brainstorm your own ideas for installation of marble in your home.


When contemplating on installing marble for your kitchen, tabletops and countertops would be the apparent places to begin. Without any question, it would bring a completely new appearance and feel to your cooking area. It would be more than just adding marble. The intricate details in the installation along with the surrounding accents would take your marble kitchen over the top.

Ensure to consider bevelled edges for the marble, surrounding surfaces, types of sinks and cabinetry for complimenting the marble. You could also add your own signature pieces like the marble mosaic tiles to the walls, the back splash area and your tabletop. You could even add a custom marble hot pan holder. There are endless possibilities. The aim to a beautiful dream marble kitchen would be to take into consideration the complete picture and not just the apparent large surface areas.



The easiest room in the house to marble has been the bathroom. Apparently, you could go marble crazy. However, you would be required to take care of accents and cabinetry. You could also consider marble flooring, marble trimming around the mirrors, marble countertops, marble top tubs and more. It would not be wrong to suggest that the bathroom has been created for marble.

In case, you are looking to do something slightly more sophisticated check this out, the newest trend in marble bathrooms has been installation of marble vessel sinks. The vessel sinks could replace a vanity completely. It could also be installed on top of a vanity, contrary to the traditional sunken sinks.

You could marble any room in your house. You could move to living room, dining room and bedrooms as well.

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