Consideration to prepare the baby’s nursery

Babies are such blessings and it’s so exciting when a family learns they’re going to gain a new family member. With all the excitement, planning takes place. One of the most important components to plan involves preparing the baby’s nursery. The nursery is the place where you’ll spend a lot of time with your baby. It also needs to be a space that’s safe and conducive to healthy development. Give these items some consideration when you’re preparing the baby’s nursery.

1. Wall Designs

To transform the room, you can throw a coat of paint on the walls or use graphic wallpaper. It’s nice to have complementary artwork. Some parents enjoy taking lots of pictures throughout the 1st year of development. Put those pictures in frames and hang them as well.Image result for Consideration to prepare the baby's nursery

2. Mounted Furniture

As your baby learns to crawl and begins to walk, they’re naturally going to push and pull on items. The first few years of a child’s life are filled with experimental testing. You want to make sure they stay safe through all of their exploratory adventures. Mount heavy items like dressers and bookshelves to the wall. This eliminates the chances of the furniture toppling on your baby.

3. Glider/Rocking Chair

For those long, sleepless nights when the baby wants to be held, it’s best to invest in a really nice glider. Sure, there may be times when the baby will cry until you stand and rock them. However, for the times when the baby is okay with you sitting down, that glider will feel heaven-sent. It’s also great for the times you’re feeding the baby milk. Make sure the glider is well-padded because you’ll spend a lot of time in that chair.

4. Entertainment

Most babies love the cheerful tones of lullabies before bed. Whether you play the lullabies on a smart device or through a simple CD player, make sure you keep a device available for entertaining the baby. Music is usually a great soothing tool for babies. A moon star projector is really exciting as some can play music while they project starry skylines on the walls and ceiling of the room.

5. Changing Station

Babies easily run through four and five diapers a day. You have to stay attentive and keep a special area ready for all their diaper needs. There are lots of changing stations on the market. If you don’t see one you like, consider reaching out to an interior designer to get the one you want.

These are just a few of the main components you’ll want to include in your baby’s new nursery. If it seems too overwhelming and you need help navigating through it all, contact us today!

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