Building a Log Cabin Home in the UK – Construction Basics

 For me, nothing beats the smell, look and feel of a log cabin building. There is just something wonderfully natural and homely about being sat in a timber building, especially on a winter night.

Traditionally log cabin homes have been more popular in more densely forestedcountries and regions like Canada, the US, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Log cabins have been more commonly used as garden buildings, outdoor offices or summer houses here in the United Kingdom. These days however, UK log cabins are an increasingly common sight, particularly in rural areas.

The UK log cabin market is in somewhat of a boom fuelled by enthusiasts and self-builders. The log home trend is especially strong in Wales and Scotland, who are bucking the UK norm and opting for the delights of a log home.

Broadly speaking, there are two primary construction methods to choose between when planning your new log home.There are a whole range of variations of the basic approaches detailed below but the basic method of construction underpins the entire process and build. For example, a wide range of cornering techniques, joint styles and square, round or D shaped log profiles can be employed.

Handcrafted or Scribe-Fit Log Cabin Construction


The traditional handcrafted approach to timber building construction is commonly referred to as the scribe-fit approach. The scribe-fit approach uses naturally shaped logs which are scribed and jointed. The scribing and jointing allows the natural variation of the logs to be soundly fit together to form a solid and weather resistant construction.

Building a handcrafted log cabin requires both skills and expertise. The damp and cool UK climate also brings its own challenges. A seasoned log cabin builder will understand the allowances needed for settling and movement. This understanding is required at every stage of the hand crafted cabin build from design to build and maintenance.

Milled Log Cabin Construction

As the name suggests, the milled log cabin uses machined timber. The milling process produces logs of uniformed size. The uniform logs are machined with perfect joints ready to be pieced together. This effectively provides the elements needed for a log cabin kit.

If you are planning a self-build log home, I highly recommend that you check out this page with excellent and totally free log cabin floor plans available to download.

Self-Build Log Cabins

Unless you are seasoned log buildingconstructor, you are going to need a clear step-by-step plan with instructions on how to build your cabin. A log cabin build plan put together by an expert will ensure that your new cabin is both structurally sound and able to stand the worst weather conditions that Mother Nature can throw at it.

A good log cabin build plan will outline concise and clear construction methods. Your finished cabin is sure to be rigid, durable and above all inhabitable.

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