Builders Surplus Houston

Builders Surplus Houston

When purchasing flooring, you want to purchase the best product for the proper application and your own personal tastes and preferences. Obviously in a garage setting you may want to get something that is a bit heavier duty than other flooring material. Or maybe the bathroom project that you always wanted to get done needs a new floor and you want something that speaks to your own personality. There are literally thousands of choices out there. Whether that is tile, laminate, hardwood, concrete, linoleum or any of the many other choices that are available. But these are only “skin deep” as some would say. There are other very important decisions that you will have to make to get the very best flooring.

First you want whatever you choose for your flooring to be supported by good solid and level sub floor, you may have to invest in tile backer or cement board as some call it. Your sub floor is all that supports your new floor and is very important. There are a number of reputable dealers who can get you a great price on flooring but if you want the job done right you should shop local. Chances are that your town has a very reputable local flooring specialty company or hardware store that would love to have your business and the great thing about shopping local is that they will make you a satisfied customer and give you the absolute best service possible.

Now, there are a number of ways flooring outlets like to price out their products and you need to know how they do it and what to look for. Most flooring outlets will advertise the flooring at a certain price per square foot. This looks appealing to the untrained eye but really that is what they want it to do. Twenty two dollars a square foot is really appealing until you realize you are flooring five hundred square feet. That is when the bill really adds up. Be sure to emphasize to your salesman what type of floor you are looking for and what kind of “traffic” the floor will get on a daily basis. This will only help you in making the right choice for your floor.

Overall there are several factors to remember when starting a flooring project and here you have some advice to get you started. Enlisting the professional help of a licensed and insured contractor will definitely simplify the process but if that is not the case this article will help you get on your way to having the very best flooring.


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