Benefits of Custom Drapery vs. Generic

If you are looking for custom drapery in Mississagua, Ontario it’s likely that you have tried to find what you were looking for at retail and online stores and came up empty handed. In this article we will go over some of the benefits of custom drapery vs. generic.

With Custom Drapery You Can Create Curtains that are perfect for Your Space

When you buy custom drapery from a professional decorating company like Prestige Decorating, you not only benefit from their 15+ years of experience, but also from their customization capabilities. When you buy generic curtains or drapes, you are left with very little choice as everything is pre-made and usually there isn’t much variety in styles, fabrics or colours. Buying your curtains from Prestige decorating instantly gives you access to:


  • A free design consultation
  • Many different window treatment options
  • Lots of colours, fabrics (over 160,000), hardware and drapery styles
  • High quality & durable curtains
  • Flexible curtain height; off floor, floor and on floor

Learn More about Prestige Decorating and the Areas They Serve

Prestige Decorating is a leading drapery and curtain rod company in Canada. They have been in business since 2005 and have thousands of clients all across Canada, USA, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Pricing is very competitive – you will get a great set of drapes at an affordable price.

Contact Prestige Decorating for More Info about Custom Drapery in Mississagua, Ontario

Now that you are aware of the benefits of buying custom drapery in Mississagua, Ontario vs buying from a generic retail store, it’s time to take the next step. You need to contact Prestige Decorating and experience why they are hands down, the best in their industry. Prestige Decorating can be reached by phone at 1-905-566-5063. Their professional and friendly designers will work with you to achieve the perfect drapes for your space!

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