Great cultural scene, growing economy, perfectly safe, and delectable cuisine…reasons that will make you want to invest in a house in Chennai!

Known as ‘Detroit of Asia’, courtesy of its automobile industry, Chennai is a commercial hub and much more. One of the largest cities in the country, the City, is formerly known as ‘Madras’ is also one of the most visited Indian places by foreigners. These foreigners may wish only to soak in the rich culture and beach air of Chennai, but listed here are few reasons why YOU should consider investing in the beautiful capital of Tamil Nadu:

  • Perfect amalgamation of the old & new

Contemporary yet respects its roots. The city has embraced new languages, new trends, western ways, but you can still see its people following the rituals of the south. There are new colleges and old, there are new roads and old, there are new people, and old…Chennai is accepting of all people, irrespective of where they come from.

  • Rich culture

Think ‘classical’ and Chennai is the name that follows. The city is home to many different forms of arts, most notably of the classical dance form of Bharatnatyam. Attending poetry sessions, recitals, art exhibitions is somewhat the norm in this highly informed city. Perhaps, that’s why people from all walks of life flock here and look for apartments and flats in Chennai.

  • Delicious cuisine

The South Indian cuisine promises to leave anybody who eats it, wanting more. The various idlis and dosas, along with the sambhars and chutneys is the food that every Indian swear by. Not just this, the city also hosts some of the best restaurants in other regional as well as international cuisine as well, such as Chinese, Continental, French, etc.

  • Safety first

The city has been rated as the safest city in India in a recent Quality of Living Survey. With women’s safety fast becoming a national issue of concern, the Chennai government and its people have taken many steps to make the place as safe as possible for its citizens. The corruption rate in the city is also relatively low compared to other cosmopolitan cities in the country.

  • Surreal beaches & temples

Why wouldn’t the tourists put this place down on their Bucket list? With the world’s second longest beach, named Marina, located in Chennai, it is no doubt that the people of this city love spending a day out in the sun. The stunningly made temples, such as Kapaleeswarar, mesmerise anybody who visits it, leaving them with a sense of calm. Now, who wouldn’t want to live in a city with such tranquillity?

  • Entertainment hub

The south Indian cinema industry is big in Chennai. Thousands and thousands of fans regularly flock the theatres here to catch the latest films. Movies, fine arts, poetry, and what not…Chennai is the dream place for anyone wanting to live in a place with a variety of entertainment options.

  • Investment hotspot

Chennai is a growing fast and was recently selected as one of the ‘Smart’ cities by Narendra Modi. With more investment promised to build the city’s infrastructure, the city is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years, making it a wise financial investment.

For all these reasons and more, you must look at Chennai as your choice for ‘home’!

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