A Quick Guide to Choosing a Replacement Garage Door

According to statistics provided directly by the UK police (and readable via the official UK Police website), homes with poor or little security are a staggering five times more likely to be burgled and broken into. Consequently, the police urge all home owners whose properties feature either a free standing or attached garage to always lock all valuables (such as bikes and tools) to immovable objects within a garage.

This is because garages are notoriously easy to break into, and not least because whilst home owners are preoccupied securing their homes many overlook securing their garages. Further, many fail to even replace old and worn garage doors, not only increasing their chances of having their garages ransacked, but advertising the fact as an obviously old or worn garage door is paramount to putting a welcome banner up for would-be burglars.

When to Replace a Garage Door

Then, if hearing the risk you are running by failing to give garage doors proper thought or considering the age and condition of your own has got you thinking – good!

Replacing a garage door is a relatively inexpensive way to maximise the security of your garage, and potentially your home and even increase its value by increasing the aesthetics and appearance of your property.

When though should you replace a garage door? To answer that question, here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

Is the Door Broken?

Many of the breaks garage doors incur over the years can be easily fixed without getting a whole new door fitted. That said, a door which is breaking on a somewhat regular basis, features numerous breaks, a sizeable one or has been repaired already numerous times is a sure way to know it might now be time to invest in a new door.

Further, as garage doors incur damage and wear over the years they become compromised from a security stand point, and can as well begin to look rather shabby, inviting both burglars to have a go at them and detracting from the appeal of your property.2

Does Your Garage Door Shake?

A shaky garage door is one which needs replacing. Garage doors are, after all, created and installed to lift, roll or otherwise operate smoothly and securely. Then, one which has begun to get a little shaky is one which needs attention as garage doors only shake when their mechanisms or one or more of their workings are broken or struggling and soon to break. So, always give up on a shaky door and get it replaced before it gives up on you.

Have Your Utility Bills Gone Up?

This is a reasonably common problem and one especially commonly experienced by those who work or spend time in their garages. Unfortunately, but understandably, many fail to put two and two together and realise that an increase in their utility bills can be a direct result of their garage door insulation having worn thin, become compromised or incurred damage.

Strange Sounds, Sticking and Uneven Movements?

Just like people, garage doors age and as they do so you can expect them to groan when raising themselves, open or lift with increasingly uneven movement and cease up altogether sometimes. Hence, watch out for all three of these tell tale signs that your garage door needs replacing and act on them when they begin to happen.

Different Garage Door Types

There are three main types of garage doors available here in the UK that prove the most secure, convenient and as such also the most popular. You can learn more about two of these and as well a third newer addition to the market as well as see what each looks like via the Duratec Security Solutions website.

Meanwhile, here is a brief explanation of the three most common garage door types used in the UK.

Canopy Garage Doors

Canopy garage doors are currently the most common and popular type of garage door used within the UK. A solid door, as such when opened or closed and whether done so manually or automatically, they ‘swing out’ into the drive or area directly before them and tilt until they have done so sufficiently to slide into the ceiling space of your garage.

Hence, canopy garage doors are unsuitable for garages located in some spots where there is insufficient space to permit them to open and close. Further, the canopy garage door is only and has only been the most popular option here in the UK as it is often the easiest and quickest door to fit, and as well the cheapest. Then, if it is a cheap, solid and convenient to fit option you are looking for, look no further.  

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are a common sight in the UK. The fact that they roll up and unroll directly back down, and whether manually or more often automatically, means that they provide the best space saving means of fitting a garage with a door.

Reiterated and in summary, unlike some other garage doors, such as canopy up and over doors which are inflexible and consequently require space in front of them to open out into, roller doors can be used in far tighter spaces and do not involve driving a car clear of them before using to avoid damaging either the door or your vehicle when opening and closing.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors, as the name implies, are created using sections of inflexible and durable panels which, like the roller door option, mean that when opening and closing the door does not ‘swing out’ and so requires less space and clearance in order to permit you to enter and exit your garage space.

This is only one pro of the sectional garage door though and not the only reason it is fast becoming one of the most popularly opted for types here in the UK, and is already used by 80% of Americans; sectional garage doors, because of their solid sections and panels often provide the best combination of both insulation and convenience whilst also offering a high level of security.

Additional and Affordable Security Additions for a Garage Door

Speaking of security, and ss advised by both the team at The Crime Prevention Website and the police here in the UK, a door blocker is an inexpensive and universal locking security devise that could save you thousands, vastly improve the security of a free standing garage and prevent burglars from entering a home which connects directly via an internal door to a garage space.

What is more, you can pick up a garage door blocker easily by shopping via most UK hardware stores, or alternatively by simply going online. The Screw Fix website, a big name in hardware here in the UK, stock and sell a range of door lockers to suit most standard UK garage doors and budget. Hence, this is one security measure well worth its weight, and price.

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