8 Important Guides When Choosing Your New Home Design


 Your house’s design is so important to the atmosphere and feel of your home. Design a house that is welcoming and bright, with strategic touches that help make you and your family as comfortable as possible. These eight tips ensure you’ll think of everything when choosing your new home design!

  1. Movement and Flow

When choosing the design and layout of your new home, you should consider the function of each room and how easily it will be to move within it. For example, there shouldn’t be too many entrances to a room or it limits the furniture placement. Closet and window placement can also impact decorating options.

  1. Consider Guests

Most houses have small entrance areas that can feel cramped if guests arrive. Plan for a large entrance area and closet by the front door so that you can entertain easier. Have a pesky mother-in-law who likes to visit? Consider using one of the bedrooms as a guest bedroom, or converting the basement into a guest area.

  1. Outlets and Power

When designing a house, it’s easy to forget about the small details—such as how many power outlets you’ll have and where they will be located. You’ll thank yourself later, when you don’t have to shimmy your hand behind the couch to plug something in or stretch the coffee maker cord halfway across the counter. Similarly, if you’re planning on backyard entertaining, you’ll need to think about exterior outlets and gas lines.

  1. Small Luxuries

This might be the house you’ll live in for twenty or thirty years. What might seem excessive and expensive now might pay off in the long run, such as a shower seat or a full downstairs bath. It can be much more expensive to install these later than it would be to get them built in from the start.

  1. Lighting

The house’s lighting dictates the overall mood of your home. Ensure there’s plenty of natural light by having lots of windows and not blocking them with furniture, such as the bed’s headboard. Place lamps and overhead lights strategically to maximize their use without having to use too many.

  1. Plan for the Future

Once the kids move out, how will you use your home? Many people choose to rent out rooms or unused floors of their home to bring in extra cash. Perhaps you plan on converting the basement, or adding more rooms onto the house; planning this from the start can save you big later on.

  1. Consider Resale Value

Adding in features like a multi-level deck or a pool can payback big if you ever decide to sell your house. Consider touches like heated bathroom floors, dual shower heads, skylights, and a finished basement to make your home more desirable.

  1. Maximize What You Have

Now that you have your design completed, find ways to maximize your house’s potential. Smaller rooms can feel instantly bigger by using low, sparse furniture and adding mirrors. Rooms can feel stuffy if they’re painted dark colors; instead opt for light colors like grey and beige that make a room feel softer and more versatile for decorating.

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