5 Frame Constructions for Your Patio Furniture

If you are like most homeowners, you are always looking for ideas to improve your property. Of course this is the greatest investment you can ever make in life but when you look around your neighborhood there will always be that garden or deck that you wish you owned. According to experts you can spruce up your home value by adding a patio which gives you 87% ROI on your property.


But there is more by installing a patio and furnishing it with the right pieces you will greatly improve your home and make it more welcoming. Surprisingly a patio and the accompanying furniture don’t have to be an expensive affair depending on materials you choose. Assuming your patio is in place how do you buy the right furniture?

The Right Frame Construction

The best place to start is choosing the right frames for your contemporary sectional patio furniture. This ensures your pieces are durable and can withstand whatever nature throws at them.  Here are some frame materials to consider:

1.) Wrought Iron

Iron is one of the most classic looking frames you can ever choose. While most styles are still traditional you can choose from contemporary designs, colors and finishes. This material can withstand inclement weather and you just need some touch-up paint to bring your patio furniture to life once in a while. This sturdy metal will not be blown away easily and when you buy the right cushions you will always yearn to step out of the house for some air.

2.) Wicker

If you are looking for a casual and luxurious touch to your patio, then wicker furniture is the one to go for. Outdoor wicker furniture is treated to guarantee durability irrespective of the weather. This frame instantly transforms your patio and when used with lovely cushions, you can bet your visitors will always love coming over.

3.) Aluminum

This is a lightweight material which is also rust-resistant. These frames have become popular because it not only makes moving your furniture around but it is also a durable material.  If your furniture will be exposed to moist weather aluminum is the frame construction to go for.

4.) Recycled Plastic

If you are looking for weather resistant furniture marine-grade, polymer is a good material to consider. It is perfect for beach areas where metals are susceptible to corrosion. There are different styles and colors to choose from to ensure your patio blends with the rest of your home.

5.) Wood

It has been used for ages and it is still considered the ultimate frame material for furniture. If you are looking for that antique touch for your patio furniture wood will give you the perfect solution. It is important to go for denser woods such as teak because they resist water naturally. Other woods require sealing regularly to avoid water damage and stay in perfect shape.

If you want to bring your outdoor space to life it is time to invest in the best patio furniture. Your property will become the envy of the neighborhood especially if you have a well maintained garden to accentuate it.

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