4 Tips for Hiring the Right Foundation Repair Contractors

A home is the greatest investment you can ever make. It is a source of pride and security. Once you move into your own home, the nightmare of dealing with a landlord flitters away. However, with home ownership comes more responsibility. According to a report on Home Advisor foundation, damage is one of the most common home maintenance and repair projects in the U.S. The report shows that homeowners on average pay $4,436 for foundation repairs every year.

Foundation Failure and Warning Signs

A Survey by Texas A&M University soil experts,which was published on Dallas News shows that most homes in North Texas suffer foundation problems even when there is no drought. The active clay soil is susceptible to movement when dry and wet. This increases the chances of foundation cracks among other problems. Warning signs of foundation failure include:

1.Cracking and crumbling walls

2.Water damage indoors

3.Sagging floors

4.Jamming doors and windowsImage result for 4 Tips for Hiring the Right Foundation Repair Contractors

Most homeowners ignore these problems or gloss over them with DIY solutions and this is risky. If you have not had a foundation inspection over the years, it is time to talk to a qualified foundation repair contractor.

Choosing the Right Foundation Repair Contractor

There are many firms specializing in foundation damage. However, the quality of service you will get determines how well you choose your contractor. Here are some ideas on choosing a reliable and effective foundation contractor:

  • Look for Experience

Foundation repair contractors are big on showing off their projects. If you can’t see any completed projects on a contractor’s website, you better keep looking. Always work with a contractor whose track record in your area is solid. Make sure you ask for references from the contractor and even contact these past clients if possible.

  • Licensing and Insurance

Before asking for a quote from any contractor, make sure you confirm their credibility. Every state has licensing requirements and you should check with your state’s licensing board in order to whittle down your list. More importantly, only work with an insured contractor for your protection. Every worker on the site must also carry workers compensation and liability cover.

  • Range of Foundation Solutions

The best contractor will not provide a one-fits-all solution, but rather will first inspect the damage. If the danger signs warrant any repairs, they must explain this in detail. An honest contractor will explain every part of the project and the cost implication. They should also offer a wide range of solutions and technologies to treat the damage. Common foundation repair systems include piering, slab jacking, concrete fiber among others.

  • Look for Foundation repair Warranty

The perfect foundation repairs will come with a warranty for both the workmanship and materials used.  If your contractor is not ready to provide these, they are most likely providing the best services. If they are offering a warranty, make sure you read the fine print of the agreement to know your rights.

Before hiring a foundation expert, ask for referrals and read reviews and testimonials. Your local BBB also offers invaluable information about the quality of services offered by these companies. In addition, check the success and failure rate of their projects. Go on and interview the best foundation repair experts to protect your precious investment.  

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