3 Reasons To Choose An Independent Bixby Home Inspector

I can remember years ago when Bixby was just a little Tulsa suburb that few people ever paid attention to much. Fast forward 30 years and Bixby has some of the largest subdivisions and businesses around Tulsa. Everything from multi unit apartment complexes to multimillion dollar mansions all set inside the city limits. It’s no wonder that Bixby real estate is some of the most desirable in the Tulsa metro area!

So it should go without saying, there are a lot of real estate transactions going on in and around the city. But before Bixby new home buyers blindly take the recommendations from their real estate agent about which home inspector to hire, they should really consider these 3 reasons to do their own research and hire an independent home inspector in Bixby or the surrounding area.

An independent home inspector works solely for you. If you choose someone the real estate office or agent recommends, how are you totally sure they will have your best interest at stake? There are a lot of Bixby home inspectors to choose from, but not all have your best interest at stake. Some rely on real estate offices for referrals, so they may downplay major issues with a home in order to keep those referrals coming!


Independent Home Inspectors normally provide a higher level of service. Since you already know that it can be unwise to choose a home inspector based solely on your real estate agents recommendation, you’ll be glad to know that independent inspectors normally carry more credentials, do a much more thorough inspection and write a more detailed report than the one your agent told you to use. This is because they rely on their good work to get clients to refer them time and time again.

Independent home inspectors focus on your needs, not your agents. Since independent inspectors are focused more on the home inspection rather than worrying about whether to mention major issues they may have come across, your inspection is a more thorough one. The home you’re wanting to buy in Bixby gets looked over more closely and you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be fixed by the end of the inspection.

Buying a home in Bixby can be stressful to say the least. Don’t make it more stressful by hiring just anyone your agent refers. It’s no secret these home inspectors get their referrals be either paying to be on the list or having a reputation for “soft” inspections. Hire yourself an independent Bixby home inspector so you can sleep peacefully at night!

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